Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're getting oh so big!

On Friday we had our 18 month visit to the doctor. Of course they both got A+s and gold stars for being great, healthy kids. Our little monkeys are now slightly bigger monkeys. Ethan came in at a whopping 21 lbs and 31", where Ella came in at a staggering 21 lbs 6 oz and 31.5" : ) That puts Ethan in the 2nd percentile and Ella in the 10th. The doctor isn't concerned about their small size because they are growing at the same steady rate they have been. I guess when you start at 4 pounds, it just takes a little while to catch up!

Dr Betts was very please with their development physically and socially. They both showed off their walking skills for him. He was super impressed with their verbal skills....Ella in particular. She now has 30 + words! Every day it seems that they learn a new one. It is amazing to see how quickly they learn and just love to soak it all up. I guess there is an advantage to having a crazy Mama who talks all day! Now I may reconsider that when they hit that stage where they constantly talk about anything, everything and absolutely nothing!

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Fortunately I too got a gold star. It was kind of weird. I was at the OB for all of 5 - 10 minutes. In and out - everything was peachy keen! This a is new and very nice experience for Eric and I! When the doctor put the doppler on my belly to find Peanut's heartbeat, she immediately picked up a strong 150 bpm. That never happened with Ethan and Ella! Even with 2 heartbeats, they could never find them and would have to send me for an ultrasound.

Dr Blake said I don't have to come back until I am 19 weeks. I will have the big growth Ultrasound then too. IF we were going to find the sex, then we would find out then. But we are staying strong and letting it be a surprise. As Eric and I were laying in bed that night, we both just marveled about how unreal this is. this is what it is like, huh? I think I kind of like it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been Bad.....

I apologize, I have been bad and not updated for a while. Life has been hectic for the Greer and Faries family. I will start out today's blog with a request for prayers for my Grandma and Papatch. A couple of weeks ago, my Papatch suffered a devastating stroke and has been in the hospital since then. Dad rushed there and has been there ever since. Mom and I have gone back and forth to Missouri a couple of times to visit. Thankfully, he is making some good progress. We are hoping today or tomorrow he will be moved from the hospital into a skilled nursing home. The great news is that Grandma can go and stay with him! We are sure that Grandma will get a good card game going with some of the residents and maybe even hustle a few of them : )

The kids are doing fantastic. They are getting cuter and smarter every day. They both have built quite the vocabulary. Last week Ella was looking at her shape book and said "Octagon!" I kid you not - I have several witnesses that have heard her say it. I kind of sounds more like Octadiggity, but hey she is 18 months! Ethan can look at his color book and say "purple." How did he know Mommy's favorite color? I need to write down their words so I can count them up for their dr appointment on Friday. It will be hard because the list has grown so much!

They are also really enjoying the warm weather. They just stand at the sliding glass door waiting to go outside each day. We have had a cold snap, so the last couple of days have been tough. They don't understand the unpredictability of Tennessee Springs yet! Ethan still has a bit of a phobia of the grass. I am continuing to do a little "therapy" with him each day so he can play tee ball and football when he gets older : )

Eric and I are doing well too. Eric's busy season has finally come to a close. We are excited to have him home earlier at night and especially on the weekends! I am getting a little more energy and little more belly. I guess the pregnancy is starting to sink in with me. I go to the doctor again next Tuesday. I am anxious to hear little Peanut's heartbeat again : )