Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Little Man

Last Friday night we decided it was time to move Matty into the nursery and out of our room at night. Eric made fun of me when I teared up as I stood up to walk to the nursery. "He is just going upstairs not away to college!" He stayed up there Friday night and has been back in our room since then : ) I mean look at that face. Wouldn't you like to look over and see that when you wake up in the middle of the night?? We are going to attempt to move him into his room again this Friday. So I guess we will enjoy this last night with him close by....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Matthew Booger Boo

Matthew - Colicky Baby! Matthew - Happy Baby!

It seems we have turned the corner with Matthew. Hooray! He definitely still has his mad moments, but they are getting fewer and farer between. We have also figured out his "combination." The key is that he has to be facing out. He hates not seeing everything that is going on! When he gets mad, we walk with him facing out and walk and bounce. It takes a lot of coordination but we have it down pat. He really is generally pretty happy now. He has a beautiful smile. He likes to stick his little tongue out between his gums when he smiles. It is just precious. He also is babbling quite a bit. We have another talker on our hands!

He has grown so much. He is twice his birth weight now. I swear he put most of it on the last couple of weeks. I guess Christmas did a number on him too! He is really strong too. He rolled over for the first time when he was a little over 2 months. I never know where I will find him when I get him out of his crib. He likes to take my hands and pull himself into a sitting position. I think he may sit, crawl, etc earlier than usual. What a new experience for us!

We continue to struggle with him taking a bottle. He is quite stubborn. We know he can do it because he has before. He just chooses not to. He is going to need to someday because this Mama needs to be able to leave the house alone for more than an hour!!

Ella, My sweet Girl

I am so thankful God blessed me with my sweet girl, Ella. Sometimes I am very thankful that He only blessed me with one sweet girl when she is throwing herself on the ground in one of her 2 year old moments : )

She is a girl of extremes. My favorite thing to hear is he to say "I low Choo Mama" (I love you Mama) One of my least favorite things to hear her screech is "Watch Barney!!!!!" She has developed quite the little personality. The other day I was a little brain dead and she told me that I needed new batteries. Where does she come up with these things????

Ethan is Candle Boy!!

Christmas was a fun time for Ethan. For a boy that is OBSESSED with candles, Christmas is.... well like Christmas for him! He had his grandparents pulling candles from all around the house to sit in front of him while he ate. The whole family would join together to count to 3 after each meal to blow them out. He handled us taking down all the decorations and his precious candles much better than I thought. Now if he can't find something then he just nods his head and says it is in storage.
He was spoiled rotten by the family and Santa. He and Ella got a kitchen complete with a grill like Daddy's. They love it! They can't wait to get upstairs to play with it every day after breakfast. Of course he calls his jar of peanut butter and jelly his candle, but anyway....

Whew! Christmas is over!

Again I have fallen way behind on my blogging. In an attempt to get caught up, I am going to do a post on each kiddo. But first, I will do a quick one about Eric and I. (Of course I know most just look at this blog for the pictures of the kids!)

As much as I love love love Christmas. I am glad it is over. We had a wonderful Christmas, but it is exhausting with kids! Amy, Dan and the girls came a spent a few days with us. We really enjoyed the visit. We also made a couple of trips to Paris to Nana and Papa's. We had fun playing with all the cousins.
Now I am getting back into the routine at home with the kids. Well actually we are still trying to figure out the routine! But we are getting closer every day. I completely underestimated how hard it would be to take care of all 3 by myself. The most challenging times are meal times and nap times. It never fails that Matthew wants to eat when I am trying to get breakfast or lunch together for Ethan and Ella. I have learned to listen to his cries and the kids have learned to enjoy Lunchables more! Matthew's morning and late afternoon naps are also tough. It is hard to help him wind down for a nap when Ethan and Ella are running about. But we are figuring that out too.

Eric was only able to take a week off at Christmas because he started a new job last Monday. He is now a Senior Finance Manager at Emdeon Inc. I really don't know anymore about what he does every day than I did before. But I do know that this is the direction he was wanting to take with his career. We are so thankful that God provided this opportunity for him. So far he seems to like it. Of course most of his co-workers were still on vacation last week! The only drawback is the long commute but we can certainly deal with that!

Eric rocking it out on the Wii with his nieces, Elizabeth & Madeline, and nephew, Houston. He really needs to brush up on his Hannah Montana!