Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ethan is Candle Boy!!

Christmas was a fun time for Ethan. For a boy that is OBSESSED with candles, Christmas is.... well like Christmas for him! He had his grandparents pulling candles from all around the house to sit in front of him while he ate. The whole family would join together to count to 3 after each meal to blow them out. He handled us taking down all the decorations and his precious candles much better than I thought. Now if he can't find something then he just nods his head and says it is in storage.
He was spoiled rotten by the family and Santa. He and Ella got a kitchen complete with a grill like Daddy's. They love it! They can't wait to get upstairs to play with it every day after breakfast. Of course he calls his jar of peanut butter and jelly his candle, but anyway....

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