Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter this year. We traveled to Paris to spend the holiday weekend with Nana, Papa, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Amy, and the Crazy cousins. We had fun playing with all the kids. On Saturday afternoon we went to visit with some of Eric's friends from high school for a little bit. It was great to be able to get all the kids together. Sunday morning we all went to church with Nana and Papa. Let me tell you.....getting 6 kids and 8 adults all ready and to church by 8:30 is no easy chore but we did it! We made it a full 20 minutes before we had to leave the service because Ethan was being too loud. The whole way down the steps he was saying "Houston come down! Where is Daddy?" And Ethan only has one volume - LOUD. They really enjoyed playing in the nursery once we got there! We had a big egg hunt and a wonderful Easter lunch prepared by Nana. On the way home, we stopped and Mimi and Papa's to see Grandma and Papatch. It was so good to see them!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ella's Parisian Chambre

A few weeks ago, Eric and I had a marathon DIY weekend to transform the kids' hodgepodge rooms into their big kid rooms. Since we got Matthew's room together last summer, we have just shifted furniture from here to there and back again. They both had a twin bed and a crib in each of their rooms forever. Once they kicked the crib, I was ready to get their rooms in order!

Ella's room has a Parisian theme paying tribute to her Daddy's hometown. Of course if her Daddy was from somewhere less glamorous, we probably wouldn't go that route. And I should probably clarify that he is from Paris, TN not France....much better in my opinion!

Here are some pictures of our Princess' Big Girl room : )

Let me brag for a minute. I painted Ella's room. Eric didn't think I could, but I did it!!! Not sure if you can tell or not, but we did tone on tone stripes on this wall with a different sheen but same color. Eric helped with the taping and it was an big undertaking, but it was so worth it! I love how it turned out. The pictures over the bed are from Mimi and Papa's trip to Paris a few years back.

I put some sentimental pieces on Ella's dresser. The doll was mine when I was little and my Aunt Sharon made the purple dress she is wearing. The shadow box was made by my Pepa. In it is a porcelain shoe and tea set my Mema made. It also has a jewelry box my Uncle Wade made, a lamb made for her from Miss Linnie, a block from Miss Jodi, and the bear we got her when she was born. The porcelain little girl to the left of the shadow box was my nightlight when I was little. Mema made that for me too. I am so glad that she will grow up knowing these wonderful people whether she had the privilege to meet them or not!

I got this Eiffel Tower decal off of It is a website that has handmade crafts from everyday people. Very cool! Ella loves to sit in her rocking chair. She sits in it, rocks, and says "rocky ocky ocky!" It is key to our nap ritual. She sits in her rocker while I got lay Buddy down, then I get her out and lay her down.

This mirror was mine when I was in college. I spray painted it black and used a couple of other vinyl decals I got from the same person. One is a smaller Eiffel Tower and the other says "Oh La La!" Very appropriate for my little Sass Britches!

Getting the rooms done really was a whole family effort. Ethan and Ella spent the weekend with Nana and Papa having a ball. Mimi helped watch Matthew on Friday, taped both the rooms, and did the trim too. Matthew helped out by being the best little napper, so Mommy and Daddy could get their work done in time.

Ethan's room is just about done. Eric painted his room a color called Latte and that is exactly what it looks like. His room is a Baseball theme. I am picking up some of his Daddy's Baseball memorabilia this weekend to add to his room to finish it up. I will do a separate post when it is complete!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dinner Time with the Greer Kids

Having two 2 years olds is a lot of work. But having two 2 year olds is also thoroughly entertaining!! Ethan and Ella have always been very verbal kids. They are now quite conversational. It is fun for me to sit back and listen to them talk to each other.

Some of our best conversations happen at the dinner table. Our topics typically include: the weather (and if it is warm enough to swing or not), where all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are that day, Daddy going to work, and last but not least the difference between girls and boys. Yes there are some repercussions to having boy/girl twins. One of them is that they learn about this at an early age. Blame it on the "props" at bath time : )

So I am sorry to say, if my kids have ever met you then it has been discussed whether or not you have a "wee wee" and if you are a girl or a good boy. (Always a good boy not just a boy :) I shutter to think what they say at Sunday School yet again...