Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dinner Time with the Greer Kids

Having two 2 years olds is a lot of work. But having two 2 year olds is also thoroughly entertaining!! Ethan and Ella have always been very verbal kids. They are now quite conversational. It is fun for me to sit back and listen to them talk to each other.

Some of our best conversations happen at the dinner table. Our topics typically include: the weather (and if it is warm enough to swing or not), where all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are that day, Daddy going to work, and last but not least the difference between girls and boys. Yes there are some repercussions to having boy/girl twins. One of them is that they learn about this at an early age. Blame it on the "props" at bath time : )

So I am sorry to say, if my kids have ever met you then it has been discussed whether or not you have a "wee wee" and if you are a girl or a good boy. (Always a good boy not just a boy :) I shutter to think what they say at Sunday School yet again...


Amy said...

: ) giggle, giggle!

Anonymous said...

I know which one I am...Ella told me! Papa knows, too!