Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter this year. We traveled to Paris to spend the holiday weekend with Nana, Papa, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Amy, and the Crazy cousins. We had fun playing with all the kids. On Saturday afternoon we went to visit with some of Eric's friends from high school for a little bit. It was great to be able to get all the kids together. Sunday morning we all went to church with Nana and Papa. Let me tell you.....getting 6 kids and 8 adults all ready and to church by 8:30 is no easy chore but we did it! We made it a full 20 minutes before we had to leave the service because Ethan was being too loud. The whole way down the steps he was saying "Houston come down! Where is Daddy?" And Ethan only has one volume - LOUD. They really enjoyed playing in the nursery once we got there! We had a big egg hunt and a wonderful Easter lunch prepared by Nana. On the way home, we stopped and Mimi and Papa's to see Grandma and Papatch. It was so good to see them!


Amy said...

I enjoy M&M's at 7am! : ) I LOVE Nana's dogwood tree!

Sweet Em said...

Ethan should be the poster child for the swing industry! All the family group shots are great - including the "happy family" one. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! Chocolate should be in every Easter basket..enough to share!