Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whew! Christmas is over!

Again I have fallen way behind on my blogging. In an attempt to get caught up, I am going to do a post on each kiddo. But first, I will do a quick one about Eric and I. (Of course I know most just look at this blog for the pictures of the kids!)

As much as I love love love Christmas. I am glad it is over. We had a wonderful Christmas, but it is exhausting with kids! Amy, Dan and the girls came a spent a few days with us. We really enjoyed the visit. We also made a couple of trips to Paris to Nana and Papa's. We had fun playing with all the cousins.
Now I am getting back into the routine at home with the kids. Well actually we are still trying to figure out the routine! But we are getting closer every day. I completely underestimated how hard it would be to take care of all 3 by myself. The most challenging times are meal times and nap times. It never fails that Matthew wants to eat when I am trying to get breakfast or lunch together for Ethan and Ella. I have learned to listen to his cries and the kids have learned to enjoy Lunchables more! Matthew's morning and late afternoon naps are also tough. It is hard to help him wind down for a nap when Ethan and Ella are running about. But we are figuring that out too.

Eric was only able to take a week off at Christmas because he started a new job last Monday. He is now a Senior Finance Manager at Emdeon Inc. I really don't know anymore about what he does every day than I did before. But I do know that this is the direction he was wanting to take with his career. We are so thankful that God provided this opportunity for him. So far he seems to like it. Of course most of his co-workers were still on vacation last week! The only drawback is the long commute but we can certainly deal with that!

Eric rocking it out on the Wii with his nieces, Elizabeth & Madeline, and nephew, Houston. He really needs to brush up on his Hannah Montana!

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