Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy First Birthday!!!

Today is Ethan and Ella’s first birthday. Wow what a year it has been! Eric is taking most of the day off so we went to the Famous Loveless Café for breakfast to celebrate. My cousins Patricia, Sarah, and Collin are coming for lunch. We are excited to see them and for them to meet the babies. Can I still call them that? I think I can : )

Here are a couple of Then and Now pics of the babies…………

Ethan Then: 4 lb 4oz. 17” long

Ethan Now: 18 lb 9 oz. 29" long

Ella Then: 4 lb 17” long

Ella Now: 18 lb 10 oz. 28" long

Whew .....birthdays take it out of you. Just 364 days until we do this all over again : )

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Grandma Sharon said...

It's so hard to believe all of our babies are a year or nearly a year old----so cute --happy, happy, bday. Looking forward to seeing you all at Thanksgiving.