Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daddy School

We just enjoyed a wonderful 4 day weekend with Daddy. Eric took Friday off too so he could help me a little with the kids. The kids are always excited to have more Daddy Time.

Daddy decided to make the most of his time with the kids and spread some of his infinite wisdom. Eric has a wealth of....how shall I say.....interesting knowledge. He can spout off football players, positions, stats, scores from 30 years ago. He can tell you the every single minute detail about every Tennessee VOL game he has attended or watched. We focused a good deal of our opening weekend teaching the kids some key phrases. They mastered "Go Vols," "Touchdown," and "Go Big Orange." Yellow has officially been replaced as Ethan's favorite color by big Orange. Unfortunately, all our cheers couldn't bring us a victory, but we are sure we will be ready to do it again next game.

Another thing Eric worked with Ella on one night was the bones in the body. This knowledge most likely stems from Eric having broken, sprained or bruised most of his. They had a very good time when he quizzed her about where her metacarpals, femur, and and phalanges were. She laughed and thought it was one of his most fun games yet. Maybe she will do something useful with this knowledge and become a doctor instead of an accountant......

ps...I added more pics from last month to the slideshow below : )

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