Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beauty & the Beast

This summer we put Ella in dance class for the first time. Her best preschool friend, Leah, was in her class with her. She absolutely loved it! It was so much fun to watch her. I am not sure if she enjoyed the dancing or the wall to wall mirrors more :)

Her teacher Miss Laurie was the choreographer of a community theater production of "Beauty and the Beast." Last night I took Ethan and Ella to a tea with the cast and the show. It was such a great time. Ella insisted to wear her Belle dress up. I considered protesting for a second, then thought this was the most appropriate occasion to wear it out in public if
there ever was one! Belle came by and got her picture taken with the girls (and Ethan) and talked with them over PB & J and Apple Juice. When Belle asked Ethan if she could take her picture with him, he got so shy. He wouldn't look at her directly and just grinned and grinned. She may be his first crush!

I was really impressed at how well they behaved in the show. I wrongly assumed that since it was a children's group that it would be about an hour. Oh no. It was the full length Broadway show. Complete with the 5 extra songs that weren't in the Disney movie. By the second act (and past 9 pm) Leah's mom and I were rolling our eyes when they sang something we weren't familiar with. But the kids were unfazed by the late hour, storms rolling outside, sore bottoms, and at times off key singing to extra songs. Sometimes I want to stop time and make them quit growing up. But I am completely excited about them getting to an age when we can do fun things like this. It is fun to watch things through them. The absolute amazement, awe and excitement that shined in their eyes as they watched the cast sing and dance. Maybe instead of just loving to watch Broadway shows like their mama, one of them will actually be in one some day! Or at least get season tickets and take me with them.

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