Thursday, August 9, 2007

Content and Curious

Content and Curious. Those are the 2 words that can describe Ethan and Ella. Ethan is a very curious little boy. Once I sit him on the ground he is off exploring. Anything and everything he can get to and into - he is there. Ella....she is perfectly content where I sit her. If she can reach some toys, great she will play with them. If not, her toes will do! I am starting to wonder if she will ever crawl. She really is perfectly content to be where she is and kick around there. I am sure that will be a quality that will serve her well in the future. Ethan's curiosity will lead to great things too (and possibly some bumps, bruises, and a few time outs!) They are both starting to pull up occasionally, so we have moved both of their cribs all the way down.

In addition to getting into everything he isn't supposed to, Ethan is also getting one of his top front teeth! You can barely see it, but you can definitely feel it and the nasty effects of teething. He has been drooling a gallon an hour the last week. He has also gotten into a nasty habit of biting......but only Mommy. He will learn the word NO before this is all said and done! Ella has been teething too and I am sure her's will not be far behind her Buddy's! Thank God she is so much more even tempered than Ethan! She barely fusses a bit. And she wouldn't dare bite Mama : )
Ella's exciting news is that she is saying Mama!!! I am thrilled. I was completely prepared for the first words to be Dada! (I am really working hard at not dancing and singing Na Ne Na Na Boo Boo to Eric!) She says it to Majors, the TV, her Linkadoos, and whatever else she sees. She may not realize that Mama is me, but nonetheless I am enjoying it!

We are continuing to try new foods and having fun with it. Ella has such good, healthy tastes. She loves steamed veggies, oatmeal and thanks to Mimi....sweet tea. Ethan is a true carboholic like me. He likes Pancakes, Grilled Cheese and Mac n Cheese. Don't worry I limit how often he gets them. But when he does, he inhales it! 2 chews and down the trap. And all the while he is grunting. Ella eats them well too, but she chews everything at least 50 times. Good girl. We have taken them out to eat with us a couple of times since they can sit in "big kid" high chairs. It is so much easier!! They just sit, watch the people, and munch away on their little finger foods. So much nicer than when they were in their car seats. Talk about a ticking time bomb.

I have kept trying to get a video of Ella because I feel dreadful that all the videos I have are of Ethan so far. We have 2 problems though. Number 1 - Ella likes to pose for the camera. She is an aspiring model. When she sees the camera, she stops what she is doing and gives you the most adorable grin. She doesn't quite get the whole video needs action thing. Number 2 - Ethan is just plain odd. Now I say that in the most loving, motherly way. But the kid is weirdo. He just gives so much good material! I finally got this video of Ella playing with the furry Triplet, Majors.

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sweet em said...

Majors looks like a happy dog!! Soon, soon, little fella and she'll be running after you and YOU'LL be saying "Serenity Now!"