Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell Formula and Bottles!!!

Farewell Formula and Bottles!!! No phrase has ever sounded so sweet. 63 days until we can say that. (and be a couple of hundred dollars richer each month!!!!!!)

I love about 95% of my day with my precious, oh-so cute babies. The 5% that I hate is when I feed them their afternoon bottle at 12:45 CST every day. As with everything we do, we do it at the same time. They haven't been able to figure out holding their own bottles yet, so I do it for them. I sit in between them with them in their little seats facing me. Ethan is always on my left and Ella on my right. (Anal Mommy thing. Ethan was Baby A and Ella was Baby B, so I always put them in that order) So they are both on either side of me and I hold a bottle in each of their mouths........or try my darnedest to do so. Ethan is a little monkey. He wraps his arms and legs around my arm. And just to make it interesting, he hooks at least one of his big toes in the bottom of the bottle. Ella is a squirmy wormy. She wiggles around so she can watch the TV, Majors, the fan or anything that isn't right in front of her. Then so she can make it interesting, occasionally, she will bat at the bottle and knock it out of her mouth and my hand. Ugh. Serenity Now!!!!

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