Sunday, February 3, 2008

A trip to the Beauty/Barber shop!

I finally had to admit that my children's hair was beyond what I could do with my scrapbooking scissors. (Nevermind that the last time I tried to trim the back of Ethan's hairI was completely crooked.....) Friday Mimi and I packed the kids up and went to get their haircuts by a professional.


They were so intrigued when we got to the place that the wait flew by. You see there are some advantages to keeping your kids in a bubble ; ) They just looked around. So many new things to see and hear.

I was a little nervous when they pulled out a booster seat and asked me if they would sit in it. I was sure that they would try to dive out of it, but we gave it a try. They both did so well! They sat there semi-patiently and wore their little doggie smock like big kids.

I didn't want to cut Ella's much, so she just got a bang trim. I couldn't risk my crookedness on the front of her head! She was all about being pampered. She just grinned in the mirror and at the lady cutting her hair. She knew that she was looking C-U-T-E. Isn't that what we have been telling her all this time?

Ethan was a little more hesitant. Every time he saw a piece of hair fall he said "Uh Oh!" Instead of grinning at the hairdresser, he just looked at her like "What in the world are you doing? And why does my nose itch so much???" When it was all done, my baby boy was gone and he officially looked like a toddler.


Sweet Em said...

Oh what big kids! How can you handle it? I am freaking out that Tessa will be one...WHY do they have to get so big so fast?

Will and Lindsay said...

Saw your comment on our post and we have already ordered the extension sets for baby jail;) Your kiddos are too cute and I love your blog. It's nice that you journal- I just throw up pictures every few days. Lindsay