Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snots, Jailbreak, Nana & Papa, and Ducking Hunting


I have fallen short of my weekly goal of updates. The main culprit of my tardiness is 2 very adorble, but very snotty kids. Last week we got a very nasty cold. The first few days were pretty miserable with lots of drool, snot, and fevers. I swear they slimed every single thing in the playroom! Thank God it hit when Eric was home for the weekend. Nana was even kind enough to come at the first of the week to help us get over the hump. We are all better now except the lingering cough. I took all yesterday to douse the house in Clorox and Wet Ones to get the germies outta here!


They are gaining up on us now. I thought we had a little more time before we got to this point, but I was sorely mistaken. Last week they made a jail break from the pin. After lunch I brought them upstairs to their playroom that is blocked off with their pin. I ran back downstairs to get my lunch and bring it back up like I do every day. As I was pouring my Diet Coke, I heard giggling and footsteps overhead. My heart skipped a beat and I ran upstairs. They had broken down the pin and ran straight for their room and had all the books pulled off the shelves. (Mind you this has been no more than a minute!) I swear they must have been plotting this all along and just waiting for the right time to break free. I was just so thankful that they did not go further down the hall to the stairs!

As soon as Eric got home, we broke down the pin and pulled out our big steel gate to put in the hallway. Now we have part of the pin around our new TV. I considered putting the other part around me and the computer armoire so I could get on line while they were awake. Then I realized that would be a bit too ironic to go from kids in the pin to Mommy in it. They are thoroughly enjoying have free reign upstairs now. They just run up and down the hall. The laundry room also has a strange draw for them. I hope that means they will want to help me with it soon!

Nana & Papa and Duck Hunting

On Friday we went to see Nana and Papa in Paris, TN. They were kind enough to watch the kids for the weekend. Eric and I went on a trip to Dyersburg, TN to see our friends Pat and Brandi and their beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. Before we left, we went to visit Papa at his office so he could show off his grand babies. We got to meet some of the very nice people that he works with. Everyone Ohhed and Ahhed appropriately :) Believe it or not, but they have read the Greer Family Blog too! Hello Ladies!

Ethan and Ella did so well at Nana and Papa's this weekend. But I mean honestly....how hard can it be to be loved on all weekend and get to eat Nana's cooking? When Eric and I left on Friday night, they barely gave us another look. I must admit though, it made me happy when Ella gave us a big ole grin and hug when we came in on Sunday!

We had a great time visiting with our friends. This trip was my Christmas present for Eric. A weekend duck hunting trip with Pat. Unfortunately since it was so cold, it wasn't the best time to duck hunt. Most of the water was all frozen over. But that didn't stop them from getting up a 3, layering on all the camo, and going and sitting in the cold. I, on the other hand, rolled to the center of the bed at 3, slept until 8:30, visited with Brandi and Elizabeth, and was lazy all day. I am not sure who had the better time : )

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