Friday, January 18, 2008

So big?????

We had our 15 month appointment this morning with Dr Betts. We got gold stars all around, but of course I wasn't surprised one bit! Here are their stats:

Height 30 inches 15th percentile
Weight 19 lb 13 oz 2nd persentile (little peanut as Dr Betts calls him!)
Head 45.5 cm 10th percentile

Height 29.5 inches 19th percentile
Weight 20 lb 8 oz 14th percentile
Head 46 cm 54% percentile (Big Headed Sissy Monster as Daddy calls her!)

The doctor was very please with their development. They are ahead of the curve with their language. He wasn't concerned, but did ask me to call if Ella wasn't walking in a month. She demonstrated how strong she was by standing on the examining table by herself. He suspects that it is more her just being hesitant, not necessarily that she can't do it. Overall a good report!

ps - I get brownie points for 3 posts in one week
pps - Welcome to the World of the Internet Nana : )

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