Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Counting our blessings and weeks

If you had told me 6 weeks ago that I would be nearly 30 weeks pregnant and still be at home I would have been shocked. But here we are! I will be 30 weeks on Friday and am only on modified bed rest at home. YIPPEE!!!

Yesterday I went through my normal Tuesday morning routine before my doctor's appointment. I spent a little extra time getting ready just in case. I put on waterproof mascara just in case. I packed my overnight bag for the hospital just in case. Apparently my preparedness is a good omen for me because I was sent home again!

God has blessed us so greatly over the last few weeks. We went from concerns over me having an extended hospital stay and being away from the kids and of having another Preemie to wondering how close we may make it to full term! I am convinced it is due to the enormous amounts of prayers we have had. The changes that we made at home have definitely helped us too. We are eternally grateful to Mimi and Nana for the days they have come over to help so I can lay down and rest. Boy are the kids going to be disappointed when it is just boring old Mama here. Maybe the addition of a new baby brother will help soften the blow : )

Edited to Add: Sorry about the lack of pictures this post. We have been rather snotty this week, so we didn't take any pictures. Enjoy the new slideshow below though! I will update it each month with all my favorites from the previous month.

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Amy said...

God is so GOOD! We continue to pray for our sweet little nephew/cousin and his mama!
Love you,
Amy, Dan, Emily & Meg