Saturday, August 16, 2008

A House Full of Crazies

As you can guess since I am posting this now, I am still chugging along at home.....albeit at a snails pace! We had a good report this week. I took the fFE test for the last time (the one that tests for Pre Term Labor). After an agonizing 24 hour wait, we found out I passed. Hooray! That was the last big obstacle for us to overcome to keep me out of the hospital and off complete bed rest for an extended period. My doctor told me that after I hit 34 weeks, they will not hospitalize me, drug me or put me on complete bed rest (only 2 weeks and 6 days to go). I still have an appointment next Monday so there is the possibility they decide to put me in then. That would only be for about a week and a half. I can stand on my head for a week and half if it means keeping Peanut healthy and in my belly a little while longer. We are just so so so so grateful that I haven't had to be separated from Ethan and Ella.

Speaking of them. They provide me with constant entertainment. I hardly realize that I rarely get to leave the house. They are absolutely CRAZY and I love it! Ella is an absolute chatterbox. I like to call her my little cheerleader. She is very upbeat and always is cheering everyone on. Yea Buddy. Yea Mommy. Yea Daddy. Yea Majors. All followed by thunderous applause. She also has endless energy. She can run and run in circles for hours. I think I may just follow her around after I have Peanut to help me loose the baby weight! She loves to be chased. Ethan is finally catching on to what he is supposed to do when she starts running, giggling, and looking back at him.

Ethan is on cloud 9 here lately. We got him some new tennis shoes that have lights on them. He thinks he is one cool dude. He loves to just stamp his feet all over the house and watch the lights. The kids is OBSESSED with lights. He looks for them and points them out in every room he goes into. He has a number of little obsessions......candles, the sun, the moon, the mailman, the garbage truck, the color yellow, Elmo, and of course glasses. He talks almost as much as Ella. 95% of his conversations revolve around those little obsessions. Much to Daddy's chagrin, the kids have decided to trade sunglasses.

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Amy said...

The girls thought it was pretty funny that Ella thinks the Olympic divers are "nakie". : )