Friday, February 20, 2009

Bye Bye Germies!

Wow has it been a long 2 weeks. The Greers are still fighting to get over our nasty colds. Ella got an ear infection 2 weeks ago. We all got snotty that week. Ethan waited until this last Sunday night to get a double ear infection. I didn't manage to have time to get myself to the doctor until today when I found out I had an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. Luckily, Baby Matthew has managed to keep his to just a cold. I got my doctor to take another peek at his ears today just to be sure. As usual, Eric made it through this virus unscathed. He never gets sick. I was glad to have his help at night. Nana came to help a couple of days this week too. Mimi and Papa were fighting the bug too but when they had enough strength they came over to help.

I think that when your kids are all sick at this age that is when it is the toughest to have more than one. They all want Mama to "hold you" (oh and they say it so so pitiful!) They have started to not want to share me! It just made me miserable to not be able to do it with each of them all day. But alas Mama has to hold Buddy, Sissy, & Baby Matthew. Oh yeah and fix breakfast, lunch, dinner, do 20 loads of laundry a week, be the sole nutrition source for Matthew, ya da ya da ya da. : )

I know this is all because they have weak immune systems. We joke that they are bubble kids. Let me defend myself a little though. I am not a complete crazy mom. When Ethan and Ella were born, they were born right at the beginning of cold & flu season. Since they were preemies, they spent 5 long weeks in the NICU before they could come home with us. We were lectured by the neonatologists and the pediatricians about keeping them at home so they don't get sick. They easily could have landed back in the hospital for simply getting a low grade fever. It wasn't until Spring when we felt it was safe to start to take them out. Honestly, it was such an ordeal I didn't do it as much as I probably should. It was so much easier to get Mimi to come over and things done in a quarter of the time. They started to get more mobile and that made it easier so we started to venture out more. Then I got pregnant with Matthew and was told I couldn't hold them. So that nixed that. They were walking, but still needed to be held after a little while. So here we are......cold and flu season again....newborn. I do venture out with the 3 of them by myself every once in a while. It is tough, but I am so proud of myself when it is over. I am trying hard to balance the need/desire for us to all get out versus the fear of us all gettting sick because it is so miserable. Next Fall Ethan and Ella are starting Mother's Day Out 2 days a week, so that should be really fun! I guess that will be baptism by fire germies!

So today Ethan and Ella went to Mimi and Papa's to escape a little bit. Before I went to the doctor, I went to war with the germies living in our playroom. The kids made sure they slimed every last toy in that room. I gathered all the plastic non-battery toys, tossed them in tub and douced them with Clorox and hot water. I took the below picture because I thought it was funny.


Sweet Em said...

I'm glad you are all feeling better...and MAN thats a lot of toys

Steph said...

Well I justify it since it is for 3 kids : ) But yes - they are completely spoiled!

Amy said...

Germs be gone!!! Glad everyone is on their way to recovery...enjoy your outing to the jump place! Will pray that they continue to stay well!