Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rough Week

Last week was a rough one at the Greer Household. Everyone except Eric got sick. It goes with the territory when you have toddlers of course! It started with a nasty cold that trickled from Ethan to Ella to me then Matthew.

On Tuesday I loaded Ethan & Ella up and took them to see Dr Betts after they started running temperatures. Running fevers is pretty unusual for my brood. Although it proved to be fruitless, Mimi came and played with Matthew to keep him from the germ infested doctor's office. Ethan was diagnosed with a nasty infection in both ears. Ella was all clear. He told me to watch her and bring her back if her fever didn't come back down.

By Thursday she was still running a temp and Matthew started to also. I was planning on asking them to run a flu test on her because I knew that it was more than a cold. I was shocked though when he told me that she in fact had pneumonia! We had been having a very difficult time getting her to take her medicine that week, so the doctor wanted to give her a strong antibiotic shot in the office to make sure we got some meds in her quickly. The shot was HORRIBLE. It was so big that the nurse split it into 1 shot per leg. She even warned me before how painful it would be and she may be limping the next day. By the time she was done giving them to her, we were both sobbing. I have never heard my sweet girl cry like that. It absolutely broke my heart. Fortunately, her legs didn't seem to bother after a few hours. Matthew was diagnosed with an ear infection too. He hardly skipped a beat. He is the best natured sick baby ever :)

Ella got much worse before she got better. We were up all night with Ella Thursday. She couldn't sleep too long before she had a coughing fit and would throw up. At 3 am, she had between a 104 & 105 temperature. We were able to get it to come down though with Motrin and that seemed to be when she turned the corner. We were so thankful that Nana came to help out. It was a treat for the kids to see someone other than boring old Mommy and I certainly appreciated the helping hand!

Now the only lingering memory of our long week is the antibiotic that Matthew & Ella still are taking twice a day and a line of toys that are desperately needing a Clorox bath. Try explaining to a VERY strong willed 3 year old princess that "Yes I know you are not sick anymore, but you still have to take this horrible, chalky, white medicine twice a day for 10 days." Yea. Not easy or pleasant.

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