Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ethan Crawls and Ella Sings

We have had a very exciting week here! After a month of rocking and rolling.....drumroll please.....Ethan Crawled!!!! He is only going about a foot or two before he decides to plop over. If he is really motivated, then he may go further. If he sees the camera, a remote, or any phone he is determined to get to it. Ella is still perfectly content laying on her back, playing with her feet and singing in her gurgly voice. I am sure she could crawl, but she is just waiting until she is good and ready! Here is a video of them from the other day

Eric tells me I talk too much in the videos. But then he probably thinks I talk too much period. My mom says it is good for the babies development that I talk to them so much, so I will go with that! You can also hear Majors in the background barking at someone walking down the street (how dare they!)

At any rate, my cousin Deidra taught me how to add pictures and videos to my blog so I am going to try to jazz it up. I took another video this morning while we were feeding the babies. Ethan has the wierd habit of randomly starting to shake his head. It is really funny. He started doing it this morning, so I grabbed my camera. Here it is!

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