Thursday, July 12, 2007

First and Last Mommy & Daddy Only Beach Trip!

Last weekend Eric and I went on our first (and last for 18 years or so : ) no kid trip to the beach. We cashed in the last few of our Marriott points and headed to Florida. We have been to a lot of the beaches in Florida, so we decided to go somewhere different this time. We went to Hollywood Beach - home of the only "Broadwalk." No misspelling. It actually is BROAdwalk. Lots of walking and lots of broads. Oh and it also happens to be pretty wide.

We had a great time. We were slightly delayed getting down there because of rain, but we made the most of it. We enjoyed sitting in the airport restaurant and having a beer as we waited for the rainstorm to pass. Friday night we went to a Greek restaurant called Taverna Opa. It was a sight for sure. Belly dancers, patrons and waiters dancing on tables, loud music, and people throwing napkins everywhere. It was a lot of fun. We only smelled like Greek food for the next 24 hours too! The next couple of days we were just beach bums trying to soak up as many rays that got through the many, many clouds. We managed to do pretty good to. I got a nice tan and Eric..........well he got a very funky burn. We tried the new spray sunscreen and I am not sure much actually ended up on him. But he is nice and tan now. Saturday night we went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (RIP Anna Nicole). Since that was 7/7/07, they had a huge wedding for 77 couples at 7:07. Ummm interesting folks. The whole trip was great. Very relaxing and just the right amount of time away. By Monday morning I was ready to get back to my babies.

I had a few minor breakdowns before we left, but while we were there NONE! Both sets of grandparents and Aunt Amy from Texas helped watch the kids. I am sure they thought I was crazy from the amount of notes I left for them. I made a spreadsheet of their entire daily routine. (Old habit hard to break courtesy of GE!) In addition to the spreadsheet, I had 2 typed sheets of other notes and several notes left around the house. You would think I thought they had never raised any kids ; ) They did so well. We have been back for 2 days and it is like they never skipped a beat.

I am glad we went. We really need a little time to just relax. The last couple of years have been pretty stressful on us. It was nice to get away and just enjoy some time just the 2 of us. Now we are looking forward to planning our first trip to the beach with the babies next year!

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