Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Majors - The Furry Triplet???

Many of you know that Eric and I's "first born" is our 4 year old daschund, Majors (aka Sir). When we were getting ready to bring the kids home from the NICU, we were worried about what kind of a reception they would get. Would he be jealous? Would he leave "presents" in their room? Would he be scared of them?

Well at first he just stared at them from afar. Sometimes when we would be feeding them a bottle, he would try to get in our lap too. Over the last couple of months, he and the babies have gotten more and more interested in each other. Their faces absolutely light up when they hear Majors walk into the room. They love to sit and pat him and grab at his many fat folds. He has been really good natured about it too. We will spend a couple of hours each day on a couple of blankets with their toys. Majors just pulls Chewy and Scooby onto them too. It was put there for him too, right? He will even get one of his chew toys and plop it in front of them and wait for them to throw it. Maybe next month, Majors! When I am putting the babies down, he will lay under Ethan's crib and peek his head out. I have accidently shut him in there a few times. I think that suits him just fine though.

So when Ethan and Ella get into their big boy and big girl beds, I have a feeling our bed will be a little more roomy. And that suits us just fine : )

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