Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My 30th Birthday

So I would have posted this earlier, but I forgot my username and password! Guess I am already loosing my mind in my old age : )

Friday was my 30th birthday and it was my best yet. Eric took the day off work so we could all enjoy the day together. We all went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast. The babies were so good. They were perfectly content to sit in their car seats as we feasted on our 2,000 calorie breakfasts. They played with their Linkadoos and were happy as clams. When they went down for their afternoon naps, Eric stayed with them so I could go to the pool for a couple of hours. It was great. I went to the new "adult only" pool in the neighborhood since I figured it may be my only chance. I was slightly annoyed when I saw that "adult only" apparently means high school and college age girls home for the summer. Let me assure you - none of them were close to 30, had had any babies let alone 2, and probably have never even seen a stretchmark unless it was their mother's. But alas, I enjoyed my Parents magazine as they all read their Cosmo & Marie Clare and planned out their weekends. It was then that I officially felt old. That night Brent and Sarah (eric's parents - aka Nana and Papa) came to babysit the babies. Eric and I went to go see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie then out to Carrabba's for dinner. Eric told me at dinner he had one more surprise for my birthday. He had gotten us a room downtown so we could stay out the night and sleep in. I only had a momentary freak out because I would have kissed the babies a few dozen more times if I had known : ) We had a wonderful time. Eric was in charge of packing my back for the night, so I was slightly mismatched on Saturday morning, but not too too bad.

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