Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy 9 month Birthday Buddy and Sissy!!!!!

Wow - I cannot believe that they are NINE months already!! Where has the time gone? In just 3 short months we will be celebrating their first birthday! Before we know it, we will be packing up the car to take them to college....

On Monday we went to see Dr Betz for their 9 month appointment. They both got an A + and "good looking babies!" Ummm of course!!!!! The only concern is Ella's iron level was low so he put her on a prescription Iron supplement. Here are their stats:

Ethan - our pipsqueak
Height - 26.75" 7th percentile
Weight - 16 lb. 12 oz 4th percentile
Head circum - 43.3 cm 7th percentile

Ella - our sweet girl with the big head : )
Height - 26.5" 16th percentile
Weight - 17 lb 5 oz 23rd percentile
Head Circum - 44.2 58th percentile (Wowza! No wonder none of her hats fit anymore!)
They did really well while their blood was drawn. Just smiled at the nurses and looked at them like "Why do you keep pulling at my toe??" That was a relief becuase it was like torture when they did it at their first appointment. Of course they were skin and bone then. While Ethan was being examined, he just smiled at the doctor and giggled. Ella was trying to get the doctor's attention the whole time by grinning, laughing, and slapping her bare boodah belly : ) It was really cute. I have noticed this is a growing trend with Ella......she isn't the center of attention, so she does what she can to turn it to her. Exhibit 1 and 2 can be found in the videos below! All in all it was a good visit. I wish all appointments could have no shots!
Today we can just going to play and have a good time. Nana (Eric's mom) and Amy's kids are going to come by this morning. That should be fun. Ethan and Ella LOVE to see their crazy cousins!

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sweet em said...

You are bookmarked in my "Blog" favorites!! Love the picture! That IS what family is about!!