Monday, March 3, 2008

Quick Update

ok I have been horrible. I think it has been 3 weeks since I have updated. I can blame it on a number of things....sickness, laziness, craziness, ya da ya da ya da : )

We have been really busy. Mid February we had a real treat. My Aunt Sharon, her husband Gene, and my Uncle Lynn came to visit Mom and Dad. They have officially all seen more of Nashville than I have. We got to join them for a wonderful breakfast at The Loveless Cafe one morning and catch up a bit. It was so good to see them and we look forward to seeing them again soon!

So much growing up has happened in the last few weeks too. Ethan is now RUNNING everywhere. After dinner every night, he just runs lap after lap around the couch. If I could just have an ounce of that energy I would post every day to this blog! He is also cutting 3 molars. He is such a champ. Besides the gallon of drool that comes out of his mouth, you wouldn't know he was teething. He isn't the least bit fussy. He is also talking with a lot of words now as opposed to just his own very cute language. His favorite is acting like his is talking on his cell phone. He loves to say "Hello!" I swear it is one of the cutest things you ever will hear. His other favorite new toy is Mommy's gold sequin purse that she gave to Ella. I think it is hilarious to watch him carry it around.....Eric....not so much!

Ella is growing a lot too. In the last few weeks she has taken her first few steps to being a full out walker! She still has a bit of a Frankenstein stagger, but she is really coming along very quickly. Ella loves to play with her Buddy. She has this full bellied giggle anytime she thinks he is chasing after her. I could listen to it all day! Ella's favorite past time is reading. She would sit in my lap all day and read books. I think she gets that from her Mimi and Mommy.

We have been working on naming body parts with them for the past few weeks. The 2 we have down pat are: belly and eye. They are both very proud of their Boodha Bellies and pat them loudly anytime you ask. Be careful if you ask them where their eye is. They are just as excited about them and will poke your eye! I am trying to get them to point next to their eye, but no they like to go straight in full force. I can't even say "I Love you" to them without a little finger jabbing my eye! Every day gets more fun with them. They are developing such great little personalities and have so much fun together.

Eric and I have been extremely busy too. Eric continues to work long, hard days. We are both anxious for his busy time to be over. It is hard to have him gone all day then have to rush into the bedtime routine as soon as he gets home. We are ready for Spring time when he gets home earlier and we can enjoy each other a bit before bed.

We also decided to put our house on the market and look for a larger home. (I hear the collective sigh) I know it isn't the ideal time to sell, but it is a great time to buy so hopefully it will all come out in the wash. We are in a good position. We don't have to move, so we don't have to do anything if we don't feel like it is the right move for us. So now you know why instead of blogging during nap time I was decluttering and cleaning! Wish us luck!

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