Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break with the McCollums!

Last week my nieces Emily and Meg were on Spring Break. Amy loaded them up and they came to visit us in Tennessee! We had a great time visiting and playing. Here is a quick review of the highlights in pictures......
Going to the Playground! Our original plan was to go to the zoo in the late afternoon. I called on the way to check when they closed and found out they were closing in an hour. We made a quick turn and went to the park instead. It was a lot of fun. Ethan has a wierd phobia of the grass, so it was a good time to get in some therapy : )

We finally made it to the zoo! We had such a fantastic time. Emily and Meg wrote down the animals that they saw in their journals. I was so impressed with how smart my nieces are! Ethan and Ella did so good. I am not sure that they really looked at many of the animals, but they sure enjoyed the whole atmosphere. The place they like the best was the aquarium. I think we are going to plan a trip to the Chattanooga aquarium this summer.
We also went to a bounce place then Pizza Hut for lunch. Yummy! Ella loved the bouncy place. She was so ready for is to let her down and go play. Maybe in a couple of years! We did let them bounce on the side of some of them and they really liked that. The girls also went to the movies and Miss Mable's Tea Room. They had a great time. The girls also played dress up in the dresses their Mimi made them. They loved how they swirled around. We are so glad they came to see us for Spring Break! I guess we will enjoy it while it lasts.....I am sure someday coming to Tennesse for Spring Break won't be near as cool.

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