Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sissy the Fashionista

On Saturday Ella was in a dress review for Old Timer's Day in Dickson, TN. Mimi signed her up for it with some ladies from her quilting shop. She wore a dress that Mimi made her last summer. still fits the little thing! It is Ella's favorite dress. It has lots of ruffles that twirl and twirl when she spins. Mimi & Aunt Sharon made all the girls the same dress in different colored polka dot fabrics. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get them all together for a picture since we are so spread out. What a great picture that would be!

We all practiced our walk and spin on Saturday morning. Good thing we did because Ethan decided he needed to be up on stage with Sissy too!

To reward their participation, Granny B gave them suckers. Since I have kept them in a very clean bubble most of their lives, this was their first one. We'll see if their will be a second.

It seemed every kid there had a balloon and it took us forever, but we finally found where to get them one too. Oh the little things.....


Anonymous said...

too cute--of course they need another sucker or three--tell them that Aunt Sharon said so.

Amy said...

oh my goodness! What a doll!!! I didn't know y'all did that! Mimi's famous! ; )

Anonymous said...

Great day, Great show, Great kids!